Why I’m Not Afraid To Die


Dr. Dawn (ND) takes us on her exquisite recall of her Near Death Experience during a car crash on a snowy winter evening in Canada’s North Country. Despite the warnings from her animal guide the crow, Dawn ventures into a life changing event that forever shapes her awareness of our true spiritual existence beyond the parameters of our human lives on the other side of the veil. This Divine experience leads her on a mystical journey of healing physical trauma which gifts her with important lessons for living a soulful life. She lovingly brings forth numerous remembrances to nourish your soul. She reveals the truth that we never die. Death as she experienced it is a blessed and beautiful transition, not an end at all. She captivatingly takes us on a journey to remember that we are all spiritual multidimensional beings of pure light and love beyond our imagination. Reminding us that we are a spirit connected to a vast universal consciousness, oneness – we are not our bodies, we are more than that. This book also reminds everyone who reads it that if you’re caught in the stress-wheel of life, or in the muck of suffering, perhaps deeply fearful of illness or death, wracked with worry – there is no need to fear any of these things. We often are living life from the outside in, and she writes to remind us that we should live life from the inside out, living from the place of Spirit. We are all divine, and our individual path is sacred. Every “unfortunate” event in our lives are actually gifts to evolve and expand our souls. Dawn dives deeply into the concepts of suffering and worrying as constructs of the human mind, our collective memories and conditioning that continues to trap us in our emotional or physical pain and how to free oneself from these binds. She also shares practical ways to walk with Spirit, tune into your own guidance systems, create and nurture a heart-soul inspired life, and heal mental, emotional and physical trauma in the appendix. An inspirational and guide to living, without the fear of death. A book that makes you re-evaluate your view of the world and what lies beyond the veil.

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