Dr. Dawn’s Anti-Aging Lip Balm


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“Age proof your lips with this completely all natural, hand crafted lip balm. No chemical preservatives or stabilizers, just a little help from nature to moisturize and protect lips from the sun and free radical damage. Be prepared for lips soft, silky and beautiful lips. Fortified with anti-aging ingredients to protect delicate lips. Slows down the formation of fine lines as your age. Safe for children to use for chapped lips (so natural you could eat it).

Note: We strive to keep this product as clean and non-toxic as possible. As such it does not contain common toxic hardening or stabilizing agents. Please be advised the Anti-aging Lip Balm will melt in very warm temperatures. We do not ship this product in warm summer months, June-Sept in Canada.
Bundle: 3 tubes for $14.00 (savings of $4.00)”