Dr. Dawn’s down-to-earth style of practice reflects her deep care for your healing journey and making the world a healthier happier place. Whether you want to discover what food intolerances you have, how to overcome diabetes or heart disease, how to maximize your genetic potential, heal from chronic disease , detoxify your heavy metal and chemical burdens or overcome limiting subconscious beliefs & traumas, learn how to manage your energy flow in and around your body or heal unprocessed emotions that are preventing you from becoming the next best healthy version of yourself, Dr. Cormier can support you in your journey. She is easy to talk to and is dedicated to your well-being and self-discovery. This discovery takes time, devotion courage, diligence & participation.

Dr. Dawn believes the body has an innate wisdom to heal, regenerate, thrive and be whole, given the right support and environment (mind-body-spirit). It’s a journey of self-discovery unique for everyone. Sharing tools for inner growth and mastering my own growth, honouring what role we are each here to play will help enlighten the consciousness of our world.