The Care and Use of Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are best absorbed by dissolving them under your tongue, or by putting the drops in water.

Do not touch homeopathic remedies with your hands. Do not touch droppers to your mouth.

Take homeopathic remedies at least 15 minutes or more either before or after food, beverages, and flavoured toothpastes and or mouthwash. But if it’s an emergency… then just take it!

If you are taking more than one homeopathic remedy, wait at least two to five minutes between remedies or groups of remedies or follow the recommendation of your doctor.

Brackets drawn by the doctor in the margin of your suggestion list indicates remedies that may be taken at the same time.

Do not expose supplements or homeopathic remedies to heat, direct sunlight, electromagnetic fields such as those generated by television, computers, cell phones, intense heat or around strong perfumes or fragrances, especially camphor-based liniments and ointments as they may compromise the effectiveness of the remedy.

Coffee, non-herbal tea, chocolate and any caffeine products can interfere with the action of the supplements and remedies. If possible, avoid them entirely during treatment, or at the very lease, take the homeopathics 20 minutes before or after these foods and drinks.

When travelling, do not put homeopathic remedies through x-ray. Have them hand-checked, or carry them in your pocket and bring this guide with you to verify why you are in possession of the remedies.


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